Wanted! Communication, Leadership and Technical Literacy

Employers unveil the most sought after skills in job candidates Today’s job market is more competitive than ever. Job seekers search for any competitive edge to stand out in a crowded field of well qualified candidates. So what do employers look for today? All employers will seek education, experience and technical skills for positions.  These […]

3 Tips to Build a Recruitment Ready Brand

Smart Blog on Social Media did a great Q-and-A with with Monica Pons, the head of executive recruitment forNBCUniversal. Pons discussed how the company uses social media and the role it plays in their recruitment. Social media is a great platform to connect with online communities and mobilize people. Our strategy focuses on creating and executing programs that […]

What Does it Take to Get Hired in 2011?

According to economists and experts the recession has been over for some time and we continue to show signs of recovery. Yet, for many average Americans, the recovery has not yet become personal. Some remain unemployed or hanging on to jobs they hate for fear of being unemployed. Employment is expected to grow this year in […]

10 Resume Mistakes

You read or heard that your resume must be one or two pages so you expand the margins and use a very small font. There is no “set” length for the resume. A better solution is to be judicious in the information that is captured. If you have a long job history you may want […]

How Inertia Can Impact Your Income

Image by kiddharma via Flickr Six months ago I received a call from Donna*, a former resume client. Two years ago, I had provided resume services to her company when they went through an acquisition and major reorganization. Donna had found work but was laid off again. Fearful of a tight job market and shrinking […]

One Step to One Job

Image by Getty Images via @daylife If you’re in the middle of a job search you’ve likely heard the news that the market is tough.  The national unemployment rate in the U.S. may be hovering near 10% and CEOs may be cautious about hiring but during your job search the focus should be on you. […]

10 Tips to Power Up Your Job Search

Technology can help or hinder your job search depending on how it is used. Uploading endless resumes to faceless, nameless job boards is not a smart strategy, but using technology to uncover leads to real people is smart. Make a list of targeted companies. Do not worry about posted openings or who you know, simply […]

10 Tips for Interview Success

“If one asks for success and prepares for failure, he will get the situation he has prepared for.” –Florence Scovell Shinn No one wants to wing an interview. You want to prepare for the ultimate success, receiving a job offer. Part of preparing to ace your interview is mental preparation. Believing that you can win […]

Job Search Resources

When you are searching for a job, the sheer number of resources available can be overwhelming. You may find yourself confused and not sure where to begin. One question that routinely comes up is regarding job boards. While I do not advocate relying solely on job boards for your search, they can be a tool. […]

Truth in Advertising and Your Job Search

In the mood for a treat, I strolled through the store looking for something that would fulfill my craving. My eye landed upon a box that pictured two thick graham crackers surrounding a fluffy marshmallow and a layer of chocolate. The label indicated they were gluten free so I turned it over to read the […]