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In our digital world, do you still need a resume? YES! Resumes have not gone out of style in spite of all the ways we have to show off our professional accomplishments. Your resume is the best way to provide a prospective employer with the information they need to determine if you are a good fit for the company. Having a LinkedIn profile is great but is only one part of your professional presentation. You need a resume, and the most successful resume is not a dry, boring list that reads like a job description but a tightly woven customized story that tells prospective employer exactly why you are a match for the job of your choice.

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I am not a fan of sneaky marketing tactics so allow me to be 100% up front with you. I want you to buy this book. Not only do I want you to buy it, I want you to find it useful, apply the knowledge and tell all your friends about it. So now that we have that on the table, let’s talk about HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN KILLER RESUME.

Resume writing is about as exciting for most people as watching paint dry.

It is that dreaded task you never think about until:

You are downsized, reorganized, restructured and all the other nice words which boil down to you being unemployed

You hate your job so much you refer to it as the ninth circle of hell

In fact, people go to great lengths to avoid writing a resume including staying in a job when the entire universe is screaming at you to SAVE YOURSELF.

I get it. Writing your resume will not make the Top 10 list of Best Ways to Spend a Weekend.

This book will not make you love resume writing but it will make the process less painful by equipping you with the right tools. It will also help you to obtain a better result when working with a resume writer. You will learn what information is important and why and be equipped to give a professional what they need to write a stand out document.

I have written hundreds of resumes for people in a wide range of industries and positions. From the high school student to the seasoned C-level executive, everyone understands the purpose of a well-written resume. Yet, most are not sure how to make the transition effectively from blank page to polished document. The same questions surface over and over again:

How long should my resume be?

How much of my work history should be included?

Do I need more than one resume?

How can I stand out from all the competition?

I also see the same problems over and over with resumes I review:

Resume is too general, not targeted to a specific position

Document fails to sell the candidate to a prospective employer

Professional history reads like a job description

Resume focuses on creative language rather than telling employer what you can do

I once made the same mistakes. I was a good writer and believed I could write a good resume. I was wrong. I used software and templates but I was missing the crucial elements needed to develop an effective document. I was smart, it was early in my own career but I had managed teams of people and had developed an excellent reputation. I had a natural gift for writing, and yet my resume stunk!


When I opened my writing business, I wanted to learn the right way to develop resumes so I took a course and I studied under Master Resume Writers and I continue to keep my skills updated and polished by taking courses, and networking with other professionals. When I learned the skill of resume writing, I had the light bulb moment. I had spent nearly 20 years in Corporate Marketing and Sales, and THIS was a marketing campaign. I knew that what I had done so successfully in corporate America was exactly what job searchers needed to do to secure their next position.

You may be a great writer and an excellent communicator but resume writing is a specialized skill.

You can look at dozens of resume samples, and reference long lists of words to avoid and words to include but none of those tools will explain the strategy behind the tactics. Your resume is a marketing tool and your job search is a campaign. This realization will change the way you approach your search and the way you view your resume.

How to Write Your Own Killer Resume  deconstructs the resume writing process so that you not only understand the parts of a resume but their use. I walk you through each section and tell you “how” and “why” in easy to understand language.

Buy now and download the 32 page PDF instantly.
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In the book,  you will learn useful tips to help you create a polished, professional marketing tool. Whether you need to update your current resume, write a brand new document or prepare to work with a professional resume writer, How to Write Your Own Killer Resume will provide you with insights and information that will help you to develop an effective document.
Here are some of the things you will learn in How To Write Your Own Killer Resume:

  • The purpose of a resume
  • How to handle tricky situations
  • The most important section of your resume
  • Writing and Design Tips
  • The right way to sell your experience

In addition, you will come away with concrete, actionable ideas that you can use to develop your resume TODAY:

  • There are no hard and fast rules to the length of your resume. This means your document should only be as long as necessary and contain only information that is relevant to your market. A resume is NOT a career obituary!
  • Prove your value with measurable accomplishments. Numbers are a powerful marketing tool, quantify your results whenever possible.
  • Transferable skills are those that will apply in a variety of functions and across industries. Make a list of the skills and abilities that are valuable in any environment, such as organizational skills, communication, marketing, budgeting, project management, and problem solving.

This book will not turn you into a master resume writer and that is not the purpose of it. It will provide you with real world insights that will help you build a better resume and avoid the most common problems.

How to Write Your Own Killer Resume is not an academic volume of industry jargon. Whether this is your first or fiftieth resume, you will be able to read, understand and use the information.

How to Write Your Own Killer Resume is priced affordably.  It’s less than thirty bucks.

How to Write Your Own Killer Resume has assembled useful information in one place. You could search online or scour books to get the information you need but who has that kind of time? You may also get more confused with the various pieces of advice. You may read one list that says never use these words and another that tells you something different but neither tells you why.  How to Write Your Own Killer Resume cuts to the chase giving you critical information, in easy to follow steps all in one complete resource.

How to Write Your Own Killer Resume will not leave your head spinning with information. I happen to love resume writing and could have talked endlessly about the process but I wanted this to be an easy to use, fluff free resource.

No long lines, no shipping charges, no waiting for the post office to deliver. You can buy HOW TO WRITE YOUR OWN KILLER RESUME right now and start working on your resume today.

To order, just click the button that says “Buy Now”. You are moments from constructing the first step in your job marketing campaign. Whoo hoo!

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Buy now and download the 32 page PDF instantly. Only $9.49!
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