10 Tips to Power Up Your Job Search

Technology can help or hinder your job search depending on how it is used. Uploading endless resumes to faceless, nameless job boards is not a smart strategy, but using technology to uncover leads to real people is smart.

  1. Make a list of targeted companies. Do not worry about posted openings or who you know, simply list your Top 10 companies. Consider the type of work the company does, opportunities for growth, culture, stability, location and other aspects that are important to your career satisfaction.
  2. Rank the companies in order of preference so that you can maximize your research time. Visit websites, search the web for mentions, read their blog. Learn as much as you can and jot down notes.
  3. Research your top picks. How can you provide value? Do you have a solution to one of the company’s problems? It is essential to not only find a company that matches your wish list but understand their needs and how you can make a contribution.
  4. Use LinkedIn to uncover inside connections in your targeted companies. This is a great way to use your LinkedIn network for introductions to 2nd and 3rd degree contacts. When asking for an introduction be honest, and clear about your intention. Give your connection a reason for passing the request on, and be gracious if they are not comfortable making the introduction.
  5. Find connections on Twitter using directories such as Twellow, WeFollow or Twitterel.
  6. Ask your network for connections. Tip: Do not list all ten companies, focus on your top 2. Giving your network specific company names is much more effective than asking if they know anyone who is hiring.
  7. Find or form a tribe. Visit WaggleForce and find a career club near you.  Sharing your job search journey with others who are also looking will make the search process less lonely. You can all share tips, resources, provide feedback and support. If there is no club in your area, sign up to lead one.
  8. Bring in the professionals. Give yourself a competitive edge by getting help with your resume, search strategy or interview style. Remember that professionals have inside knowledge that can benefit you in your search.
  9. Keep track of your efforts. JibberJobber is an excellent tool to centralize and track all of your job search activities. Your job search is no different than a work project. Staying organized will help you to use your time efficiently and stay focused.
  10. Stay positive! Your attitude plays a huge role in your success. It will come through in all of your communications and can impact how others perceive you. We all have tough days but pick yourself up and remember that you are in control of your own happiness.

Have any tips to add to the list? Please feel free to share them in the comments.

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