One Step to One Job

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If you’re in the middle of a job search you’ve likely heard the news that the market is tough.  The national unemployment rate in the U.S. may be hovering near 10% and CEOs may be cautious about hiring but during your job search the focus should be on you. You are not trying to change the national employment rate nor are you trying to find 162,000 jobs, you only need one. You can continue to read the bad news and convince yourself that you haven’t got a chance.

One job, that’s all you need. You only need one company to see that you are a fit and make you an offer. In the whole wide world, just one. You can do that right? Stay focused on one and you’ll be okay.

One action at a time will help you find that one job. Make that one phone call to someone who can you help you. Hang up and make one more call. Write one line of your resume until it’s done. Reach out to one person in your network. Target one company and locate one contact there. One step at a time to one job. Keep doing one until you find the one.

Save yourself today and once you’re employed you can reach out and help someone else find their one.

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