What the Jobs Report Means for Workers

Depending on whom you listen to, the latest jobs report was a bit of good news in a drab week or another sign of a still shaky economy that could teeter at any moment. Numbers can be dissected and spun to support nearly any viewpoint. The real question is what does it all mean for […]

One Step to One Job

Image by Getty Images via @daylife If you’re in the middle of a job search you’ve likely heard the news that the market is tough.  The national unemployment rate in the U.S. may be hovering near 10% and CEOs may be cautious about hiring but during your job search the focus should be on you. […]

Job Market Intelligence Report

I just reviewed the summary report of the ExecuNet 2009 Job Market Intelligence Report. ExecuNet surveyed more than 5,000 executives, search consultants and corporate HR professionals in January 2009. The annual report addresses changes in the job market and forward looking expectations for the coming year.  Career industry professionals have been beating the networking drum […]