What Does it Take to Get Hired in 2011?

According to economists and experts the recession has been over for some time and we continue to show signs of recovery. Yet, for many average Americans, the recovery has not yet become personal. Some remain unemployed or hanging on to jobs they hate for fear of being unemployed. Employment is expected to grow this year in […]

How to Stop Being a Victim and Own Your Career

I heard the soft shuffle as the man behind me took his place at the counter. The clerk greeted him by name with a smile and he responded in kind. His hair was white and his voice was raspy and tinged with defeat. She asked him about work and I watched as his already sagging […]

The Battlefield of Unemployment

Image by Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr At various points in the year I have felt like a medic on a battlefield. As I went from stretcher to stretcher there seemed to be no end of newly wounded bodies. Some carried bankers boxes filled with decades of memories, and others had simply grabbed whatever they […]

I Just Need a Job!

My phone rang early Monday morning. It was a woman referred by a former client. She had been laid off from her job of 10 years and had been searching for a few months with no job in sight. She introduced herself and I could hear the desperation in her voice, as she blurted out […]