Reality Check 2010

Image by Piez via Flickr Susan stared at the notice in disbelief.  Her hands shook and the words began to blur as tears formed in her eyes.  She felt as though someone had punched her in the belly.  A rush of emotions flooded through her as she tried to compose herself to speak. Her boss […]

The Battlefield of Unemployment

Image by Seattle Municipal Archives via Flickr At various points in the year I have felt like a medic on a battlefield. As I went from stretcher to stretcher there seemed to be no end of newly wounded bodies. Some carried bankers boxes filled with decades of memories, and others had simply grabbed whatever they […]

Job Search Resources

When you are searching for a job, the sheer number of resources available can be overwhelming. You may find yourself confused and not sure where to begin. One question that routinely comes up is regarding job boards. While I do not advocate relying solely on job boards for your search, they can be a tool. […]

Truth in Advertising and Your Job Search

In the mood for a treat, I strolled through the store looking for something that would fulfill my craving. My eye landed upon a box that pictured two thick graham crackers surrounding a fluffy marshmallow and a layer of chocolate. The label indicated they were gluten free so I turned it over to read the […]

Job Market Intelligence Report

I just reviewed the summary report of the ExecuNet 2009 Job Market Intelligence Report. ExecuNet surveyed more than 5,000 executives, search consultants and corporate HR professionals in January 2009. The annual report addresses changes in the job market and forward looking expectations for the coming year.  Career industry professionals have been beating the networking drum […]

Six Degrees of Separation from Your Next Job

Image by luc legay via Flickr I heard an interesting statistic on a recent newscast – the average job seeker networks with 60 people during their search.  That number could be overwhelming if you attempted to find and network with 60 individual people. Most people naturally begin with friends, and colleagues. If you are lucky, […]