Using a Step Back as a Savvy Career Move

Image by Chewy Chua via Flickr Amanda is an attorney. She spent 10 years building a successful solo practice. At what seemed like the pinnacle of her success, her life shifted dramatically. Her husband, Joe,  lost his job and they lived in a state that had been decimated by the down economy long before the […]

Healing Career Dissatisfaction

Are you working longer hours at your job with little to no appreciation for your efforts? Was your  hard work rewarded with a 1% increase during review time because you have reached the top of your salary grade? Do you feel trapped by the rotten economy in a job that makes you miserable? If this […]

Transitioning from Colleague to Boss

I shared a post today from BNET, The Rookie Manager’s Guide to Office Politics on Facebook and Twitter. The post provided solid tips for new managers. However, some took issue with the advice about managing the relationship with former peers. The authors wrote: “If you’re managing former peers, now’s the time to put up some walls […]

Gig Your Way to Success

I was featured in a piece for ABC World News that discussed a rising trend of creating your own full time income from multiple jobs. While I have been gigging for six years, the economy has made it an attractive option for many workers who never planned on being entrepreneurs. Gigging is all about creativity […]

Reality Check 2010

Image by Piez via Flickr Susan stared at the notice in disbelief.  Her hands shook and the words began to blur as tears formed in her eyes.  She felt as though someone had punched her in the belly.  A rush of emotions flooded through her as she tried to compose herself to speak. Her boss […]

Making the Best out of a Layoff

Being laid off can feel like the end of the story but in fact it is simply the ending of one chapter. The movie trailer below demonstrates how many professionals made lemonade out of their layoff. The trailer below is for a new documentary, Lemonade. Watch and be inspired to write your next chapter.

What is antabuse

The No Worker Left Behind Program (NWLB) provides free tuition and training for Michigan residents.  The initiative was designed to diversify the Michigan economy and its workers.  It’s a great program with one prroblem – the people who need it most don’t know about it.  NWLB provides a tuition credit for local community colleges and approved […]

Rumble in the Boardroom?

These days it seems that more than half of all job seekers are turning to self-employment.  Many choose to become entrepreneurs after a layoff or reorganization preferring to control their own destiny than to entrust it in a corporate entity. In an article today, BNET asks if Entrepreneurs are knocking out MBAs in these tough […]