Healing Career Dissatisfaction

Are you working longer hours at your job with little to no appreciation for your efforts? Was your  hard work rewarded with a 1% increase during review time because you have reached the top of your salary grade? Do you feel trapped by the rotten economy in a job that makes you miserable?

If this sounds familiar, allow me to remove that concrete wall that is holding you back from a more satisfying work life.

As a resume writer, I work with a fair amount of active job seekers but many are surprised to learn that I also coach and consult with people who want to change the job they’re in but not necessarily  the company.  While my coaching clients vary in industry, position and long term goals all feel stuck in some way and need help gaining clarity and perspective.

Each journey begins with the client looking outward for solutions but the answer is never “out there” it is always internal. Truth be told, we only have the power to change ourselves.  However, it is more than “putting on a happy face” but taking back your power by resolving to be proactive rather than reactive.

Other people are not in charge of your career progress or satisfaction unless you assign that power to them.  If you are allowing your boss, colleagues or clients to make you miserable at work you have moved into the passenger seat and allowed them to drive the vehicle. It’s time to pull over and put them in the back seat!

If you feel unappreciated, take some time to identify what would make your work life happier. Is the work you’re doing challenging and satisfying? If not, consider proposing taking on new assignments or working in a different role for a period of time. Many companies have created opportunities for even senior level professionals to rotate through other departments or divisions for a fixed period of time. It helps to develop a cross functional understanding while also challenging employees and keeping them engaged. If your company does not offer it, do a little research and write out a plan that you can present to your boss.

Are you unhappy with your increase? Is it the amount or what the amount represents? Some companies have held off on pay increases in this economy in order to keep everyone employed.  However, for many it’s not the actual amount but the desire to feel tat they matter and are appreciated. When you identify the true problem you can brainstorm potential solutions.

No one likes to feel powerless and trapped, so the first step is eliminating that false belief and owning your freedom.  You may be surprised how much brighter things look with just a simple attitude shift.

If you are ready to begin making changes I highly recommend the book, Be the Hero. It offers practical strategies that will help you eliminate the “victim” mentality and learn to be the hero in your personal and professional lives.

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