Help for Michigan Workers

The No Worker Left Behind Program (NWLB) provides free tuition and training for Michigan residents.  The initiative was designed to diversify the Michigan economy and its workers.  It’s a great program with one prroblem – the people who need it most don’t know about it.

 NWLB provides a tuition credit for local community colleges and approved training programs for green jobs.  When I first reviewed the program I was surprised at the diversity of training programs. Architecture, Engineering, Nurse Practictitioner, Electrician and Heavy Equipment Operator are just a few of the options that were listed.

Orientation programs are held at Michigan Works Service Centers, Monday through Friday at 9 am and 2pm (call your local office to verify times).  You can find additional information and fact sheets on the website.

I have shared this information with laid off auto workers and contractors who had never heard of the program.  Let’s get this information out to those in our community who can use a helping hand.

  • Karen,

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but the governor cut the funding for NWLB a couple weeks ago — I know this because when I found out about it, I went to my local Michigan Works hoping to get money for grad school and they told me that I was two days too late. . . literally. Apparently there are some other funds from somewhere else that can be used, here’s an article from MLive that I found:

  • Karen Swim

    Stacy, this is interesting as I just spoke with Michigan Works on Friday 5/22 and orientations are being held. There’s also an update on the site as of 5/19. It is possible that the program had cuts but it’s now being funded through the Green Jobs initiatives. This is one of the many reasons why job seekers get frustrated with government agencies – conflicting information. A family member is attending an orientation on Tuesday, I’ll update with findings. Thanks for the article link!

  • Yes, please keep me updated!!

    • Karen Swim

      Update on Help for Michigan Workers: The program is very much alive and well. There are some restrictions regarding eligibility. For those interested, attend an orientation at your local Michigan Works. Be sure to take your identification and have your draft registration number if you are male (any age). You will be given a test date that may be 3-4 weeks later. I’ll continue to update as I learn more. I have someone going through the process now.