Networking is Number One Search Strategy for Executives

Executive Director of Execunet, Lauryn Franzoni published an article, Incorporating Technology into Your Networking, in a recent edition of myResumeAgent’s e-newsletter, Career Tips and Tactics that shared online networking strategies for executives.

Franzoni writes:

According to the 2009 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report, executives are more likely to have updated their profile on a public networking site (71%) than updated their resume in the last three months (60%). However, when asked to identify the most effective activities for creating and identifying career opportunities, posting a resume in an online database and maintaining an online profile trailed networking by a wide margin.

Top Five Tactics For Finding Career Options

1. Networking (70%)

2. Responding to online job postings (14%)

3. Posting resume in online database (5%)

4. Maintaining an online profile (4%)

5. Researching target companies/cold calling (3%)

Networking is an effective search strategy for anyone in the job market. Use the following tips to network your way to a new job.

  1. In person networking still works! Find industry events and mixers in trade journals or in the business section of your local paper. Seek events where you will be able to connect with people from your list of targeted companies.
  2. Reach out to LinkedIn connections who are connected to people in your target industry or company.
  3. Be a net-giver. Answer questions and provide resources/information to your online networks. Networking is a two-way relationship, so help others in the same way you want to be helped.
  4. Participate in strategic discussion groups on LinkedIn, Ning platforms, Facebook or Twitter (such as tweetchats, or Executive Tweets).
  5. Seek out opportunities to strengthen online relationships. Arrange a phone call, skype chat or face-to-face meeting to learn more about your contacts and seek ways that you can be of value to them.

Technology should not replace humanity but be used as  tool to do what we do best, build relationships that work!

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  • Wow! Networking blows everything else out of the water. It’s really true. Half of the jobs I got were because of networking. It’s who you know and how well you know that that will determine your career path.