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Send me your resume…

If you are searching for a job, you have likely heard, or read these words many times.  How often have you dutifully faxed, emailed or dropped off your resume and received no response?  What happened?  You carefully prepared a resume which showed your work experience, perhaps highlighting a few accomplishments.  Maybe you went an extra step and researched resume tips on the internet.  Unfortunately, the job market has never been more competitive and your resume has to work harder than ever before.

In today’s busy world, your resume is likely to be one of hundreds that are being reviewed by a potential employer.  Your resume must immediately spotlight that you are a match for that position, or you will never have the opportunity to sell yourself in person.  Do not make the mistake of creating a generic, “one size fits all” resume that is not targeted to a specific position, industry or company. Generic résumés receive generic results.

Resume writing is a specialized art form.  At Words For Hire we are well versed in the various styles, formats and industry requirements.  We do not use generic templates.  Each resume is custom designed to fit your specific needs.  We take pleasure in presenting you in your best possible light.  We develop résumés for everyone from the new graduate to the seasoned professional.

Why not entrust your career to the professionals that care?  We work with you to create a document and a strategy that is designed to help you identify, target and win the job of your choice.  You will receive personalized service and support.  To get started simply order your service. You will receive a confirmation with follow-up information and intake forms within 24 business hours. If you need to fast track your services you can call 1+ (800) 648-5158 and let us know, we will work with you to meet your timelines.

How the process works

Once we receive payment we email you a confirmation that contains links to word documents. You can download the documents directly from our secure service. We use a secure server to avoid sending documents via email that may get caught in spam filters and to make it easy for you to download from any email address or computer.

You will complete the forms and return to us. You can always call or email if you have questions as you are completing the forms. Once we receive the forms we send you another confirmation with a timeline for delivery of your first draft, typically 5-7 business days, unless other arrangements are made.

When we have completed your first draft we arrange a phone consultation, ideally within 48 hours. During the consultation we will work through your resume, fill in gaps, discuss your edits and walk through the strategy. We also use this time to help you plan next steps. Within 48 hours of this consultation we return a revised draft based on our phone conversation. We remain available during your search to support you. We truly become your job search or career management partner.


Q: I am a good writer why should I hire you?

A: Resume writing is a specialized skill and is much more than simple wordsmithing. We offer you unique insight from years of experience of designing resumes for hiring manager and recruiters. We engage in continuous training to keep our skills sharp and remain in touch with industry changes. You are not simply hiring a writer but someone with knowledge and insight into the career industry who understands how to position you for your desired position.

Q:  I have never needed a professional resume writer, I have always won jobs on my own. Why do I need to hire one now?

A: Hiring a resume writer is not a necessity but in today’s job market, many people choose to take advantage of specialists to give them a competitive edge. Additionally, a resume writer as an objective third party can help you identify things you may miss on your own that can strengthen your position in the market place. We also realize that some will still choose to do it on their own and we offer a resume writing e-guide and DIY resume services to support you.

Q: Why is it so expensive?

A: We do not use pre-packaged templates. Each resume is designed specifically for the client’s  job target or career goal, industry expertise, corporate culture and style. We spend a great deal of time working with you to create your resume it is not a one hour process.

Q: Why is it so cheap?

A: We operate our business on a model designed to maximize efficiency. We do not maintain expensive office space, and leverage technology to make us energy and economically efficient. This enables us to give you a high level of service and specialized expertise at a reasonable price.

Q: Why do I have to pay in advance?

A: In addition to our proprietary forms, your payment secures our time and lets us know that you are committed to the process. Because you have paid in advance there is no need to send you locked drafts. You hire us, we deliver and everyone is happy!

Q: Why do I need to complete forms?

A: The forms help us to get the information needed to write your resume but most importantly they help you to really think through and articulate your career goals, market positioning, likes, weaknesses and strengths. Our clients have told us that the forms prepared them for the interview process by helping them to shift into a marketing process. The same stories we use for your resume are the stories you will use with an interviewer. We encourage everyone to work through the forms on their own for this reason but if you get stuck, we will happily meet with you by phone to gather the needed information.

Q: I do not live in the U.S. can you help me?

A: We have worked with clients in the UK, Canada, Australia, the Middle East and China. If we feel that your resume requires a different skill set we will let you know and refer you to a trusted colleague in your area. For international clients, rather than the phone, we conduct consultations via skype. If you do not have skype,  you can download it for free, and if you prefer not to download we can work through other chat services such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, or AOL.

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