This is not Your Grandmother’s Job Search

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While this may feel like the Great Depression of our grandparents’ era, today’s job search requires a thoroughly modern approach. Searching for a job requires a much more tailored approach that is customized to your desired employer and shows your talents and skills in action. To get noticed in this market, you have to be willing to go big to get noticed.

In “Get Hired – 5 Ways to Rise Above the Crowd, SlideRocket offered several creative ways to stand out, including Facebook Ads, QR codes, and Presentation resumes. All of the ideas present creative ways to begin a conversation with a potential employer. Of course, you will still need your traditional resume  – for HR and internal sharing for the interview – so have it ready when you are tapped for follow-up. These ideas are all about creating an opportunity for a second look by standing above the crowd.

Just because you can’t ditch the resume entirely does not mean you’re stuck with a boring one dimensional document.  Gain ideas from Save Delete’s 100 Most Creative Resumes of All Time. These out of the box styles are sure to inspire ideas of your own.

The bottom line is that you should not be afraid to incorporate real world tools in your job search. Take an active role of creating an opportunity rather than waiting for fortune or database algorithms to smile upon you. You should be able to clearly tell your story to a potential employer without limiting yourself to the traditional resume.

If you’re not using creativity in your search, what’s holding you back? If 2.0 tactics landed you a job, tell others about it in the comments box.

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