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Thank you for interest in Get Career Help. Below you will find links to download the free MP3 and written transcript for Resume Talk with Karen Swim. If you have any questions or problems please email info[at]wordsforhirellc[dot]com.

Click here to listen: Resume Teleseminar

Download PDF of transcript: Resume Talk Teleseminar transcript

Please note that when you click the PDF link a small Scribd window will open, click the first arrow at the top to open in a new window. This will open the document full screen and allow you to save to the location of your choice or simply read online if you choose.

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  • Resume talk is a wonderful way of improving our resume writing skills by listening to some professional tips for writing a good resume.

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  • I once made the same mistakes. I was a good writer and believed I could write a good resume. I was wrong. I used software and templates but I was missing the crucial elements needed to develop an effective document. I was smart, it was early in my own career but I had managed teams of people and had developed an excellent reputation.

  • Yet when a mother decides to return to the corporate world she is considered entry level or inexperienced.

  • I when made the exact same blunders. I was a good writer as well as believed I can write a good resume. I ended up being wrong. I used software as well as templates but I was actually absent the important elements had to progress an effective document. I had been smart, it was early in my very own profession but I had handled teams of individuals and also had developed an excellent reputation.