Happiness is….Work that you Love

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Charlie Brown and the Peanuts found happiness in two kinds of ice cream, pizza and tying your shoe for the very first time but for many of us happiness is doing work we love.

As I sipped my morning coffee, I took interest in a new post from MBO Partners, The Key to Happiness is…Work? After working with many professionals who face Mondays with all the excitement of walking the plank, I agree that being happy with your work definitely improves the quality of your life. The post noted the findings of a new study on independent workers which revealed that a mere one in five independents wants to return to traditional employment. The findings may surprise many considering that an independent career comes without a steady paycheck, paid time off, and benefits. But for those of us who bear the freedom and risks, the opportunity to wake up each Monday delighted for the week to start, the rewards outweigh the risks.

Working independently is not the only path to workplace happiness. If your stomach started churning on Sunday night as you realized the weekend was coming to a close, it’s time to grab some of that workplace happiness for yourself. If you are perpetually unhappy, or find that your job is no longer fulfilling, it is time to make a change. That change may be a shift in responsibilities with your current employer, a brand new career path, a company change or a business of your own. The key is to be proactive about creating your own happiness at work and in life.

When you can face Monday with an excited anticipation, happiness is more than cute lyrics in a song but your reality.

Add your voice to the conversation in the comment box below. Do you have the Monday morning blues or are you on the happy train?


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